Illuminating Your Bar: 25 Neon Sign Ideas That Will Take Your Decor to the Next Level

No matter whether your bar is open to the general public or your home bar is locked, a neon bar sign will be a great addition.

Neon lighting can be a great way to give your bar a personality and add some atmosphere.

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A neon light gives you the ability to add tons to a bar. LED neon signs can make a big impact on how your brand is perceived. There are many ideas for neon signs to be used in bars.

Funny Neon Signs for Bars

1. Wish You Were Beer

2. Happy Hour: The Best Hour

3. Bring on the Bubbly

4. Alcohol You Later

5. Sip Happens

6. Save Water, Get Alcohol

7. You Are The Pina To My Colada

8. It’s Cocktail O’Clock

9. Take, Sleep, Enjoy Champagne, and Continue

10. You were my cup Of Tea but I drink Champagne now

11. Cocktails and Nights

12. On Cloud Wine

13. Yes Way Rose

14. Don’t Worry, Beer Happy

15. Life Is Beautiful

16. Gin and Bear It

17. Whiskey Me Away

18. Happy Hour: The Best Hour

19. Wine?

20. Partners-In-Wine

Bar Neon Signs with Brand Name

21. Jack Daniels Neon Sign

22. Heineken Beer Neon Sign

23. Bud Light Neon Sign

24. Bacardi Neon Sign

25. Jagermeister Neon Sign

How do I order a signed one?

There are many options available for neon signs in bars. Even a sign with a bar name like Double Deuce is possible. We offer several LED colors, including red and green.

We love the neutral colors of warm and cool white. These colors can easily blend in with any interior. A large selection of our signs has been created for bars. Click here for inspiration!

Ellis Signs stocks both traditional neon signs and LED neon signs. We are happy to help you choose the right LED neon signs for you. We can also provide a digital mockup that will show you the look of your sign.

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