How Durable Are LED Neon Signs?

When customers decide to purchase a custom LED Neon sign, one of their biggest concerns is whether it will last or if it will survive in the place they have chosen to put it. If it breaks before it leaves the box, then what’s the point of buying a custom Neon Sign?


NeonExperts is here to help. Our LED Neon sign is made out of innovative polymer tubing, which can be bent and turned to keep your sign from snapping. The surface is very resistant to breakages and scratches. This allows light to shine through with no disturbances, creating a uniform glow across the neon. We can create any design thanks to the flexibility of our LED Neon. With efficiency and professionalism, our workshop team will bend the Neon tubing to your specifications and connect it to your backing board.

The glass tubing needs to be heated up before modification to the shape can be made. This is a significant difference from traditional glass Neon. InnoNeon Flex’s InnoNeon Flex glass is stronger than traditional glass Neon. This is because the glass is extremely fragile and can shatter or break if not properly handled.


If your LED Neon sign is required to be waterproofed to IP67 standards, our workshop team will be able to do so. For LED Neon signs that are installed outdoors, waterproofing is necessary to protect the LED modules within the tubing from rain. Our team seals every opening in the LED Neon sign so that no water can enter the polymer tube. You can also waterproof indoor signs, which could come in contact with water, depending on where they are located.

Our LED Neon can withstand heavy rains, so your business will remain lit no matter what!


We also guarantee the safety of our LED Neon signage. LED Neons are safer than traditional Neons, which may shatter and cut you if they break. Additionally, the surface is warm and won’t burn you or electrocute you if touched. All our signs meet international requirements.

Conclusion: LED Neon signs are extremely durable with a guaranteed lifetime of 100,000 hours. They certainly outperform other forms of illuminated signage.

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