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You want your brand’s personality to be distinctive. Consider using neon colors to enhance your brand’s visibility. Neon can be used as a branding color to promote a glow, in-the-dark mini golf course, paintball range, and spring break party busses. Cleverly use neon to make your logo stand out. But, don’t go too crazy. Too bright logos or ones that use too many neon colors can be distracting to the eyes. This is not something you would want.

To create great logos in no time, use our neon logo creator. You can also use it to create neon signs for businesses. The guided design process can be used by anyone. Check out our logo creator!

Neon Logo Design Tips

These are some design guidelines to remember as you create neon logo designs. These are only guidelines. Design rules can be broken. Remember to have fun with the design!


You must consider the typeface you choose. In logo design, fonts are often forgotten. Different fonts will tell a different story. Make sure you are familiar with the font families that best suit your industry and message. GraphicSprings allows you to use different fonts with different pairings. Try to use no more than two fonts. Use contrasting styles when writing your business name or tagline.


The logo’s symbol is often its focal point. The choice is yours whether you want to go abstract or literal when designing your icon. Whatever route you choose to take, we recommend keeping it simple and clear. Simple icons are easier and more memorable than complex designs.


A logo’s color can be a major factor in its success. Different colors convey different emotions. You don’t have to choose the right color for your logo. Learn about the meanings of various colors when you are designing them. GraphicSprings makes pairing different colors easily. It is best to limit your use to three colors. Many colors are possible in the hands of skilled designers. But if you want to make sure that your designs are safe, limit yourself to just two or three colors. You can also experiment with contrasting color sets.


You have many options for layout. Get creative. It is possible to arrange your symbol and/or text in different ways. Attention! Make sure your logo is not too long. There might be limited real estate depending on where you want to place your logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first time you use a neon-colored logo maker can be overwhelming. GraphicSprings users are not alone in creating cool neon logos. Here are some frequently asked questions from our users. If this doesn’t answer your question or concern, please contact our friendly support channel.

How does your online Neon Logo Maker work?

With our logo creator, creating a logo is simple and takes only a few moments. In minutes, you can create your logo using our application. Just enter your company name or tagline. From there, you’ll be able to browse thousands upon thousands of professional templates organized by industry. You can modify any design once you’ve found one you like. It’s important to remember that our design process doesn’t take too long. People with a vision of what they want can skip the tedious steps and just get on with it. Don’t rush if you don’t know what your logo should look like. Get feedback from potential customers, business partners, friends, and family on many designs.

Where can my custom neon logo be used?

Your logo can be used wherever you wish. A logo maker is something you might be interested in. It doesn’t matter if you need it for your website or social media channels. The quality of the files you obtain will affect the quality and value of your logo. Your logo will come in high-resolution (300dpi) format. If you have the right file type and size, your logo can be scaled to any size that you need, no matter if it is on a screen, or in real space. You can save your logo as JPG or PNG.

What source files can I access for my neon logo design?

Yes, source files are available. Our application makes it possible to access vector files in a way that is different from other solutions. SVG and EPS files, as well as AI, are all available upon request. Source files have the advantage of being easily modified by third-party programs. You may be asked by printers or designers for vector files. You retain complete control over the files so long as they are in your possession. The only way to modify it is through our neon logo maker. If you need to scale or print your logo on large banners and car decals as well as storefront windows and other locations, the source files can be very useful.

Are there any transparent files available for my LED neon sign company logo design?

Transparent files have become very popular. They are essential for the proper implementation on the web and in print. PNG files can be downloaded for a fee. PNG files have transparent backgrounds. Many situations will require your logo to be displayed on a colored background. If your website does not have a white background, then a PNG file won’t work. The same goes for social media accounts, business cards, and posters. We recommend the PNG format whenever you can. This will allow you to alter the background color at any moment and avoid a white box appearing behind your logo.

Is your custom neon sign logo creator free?

You can make unlimited logos and make any changes you wish. Ask for feedback from family and cofounders before finalizing your logo. Once you are ready for your brand to be launched, you will have access to your high-resolution files by clicking a button. Traditional designers will charge for revisions and concept creation. The designer takes all the risk because you have to pay upfront. You don’t know the outcome and are liable for any unforeseen problems. GraphicSprings allows you to try out countless designs without any obligation. There is no obligation to purchase anything. You have the option to download your files at no cost if you find a great logo for your company.

I am looking for neon logo concepts.

Yes. There is no pressure not to finish and download a new logo. Check out our beautiful collection of templates for inspiration on neon logo design. Many neon logo concepts were created by our designers to simplify your work. You can customize the logo once you are inspired or just download it as is. Browse our database, no matter if your goal is to be a graphic artist, marketer, or entrepreneur. Have fun with it! We are certain you’ll find what suits your brand vision. Sometimes it takes inspiration to strike. If you’re still not able to find a design that inspires you, give it another chance tomorrow or the next day. The last tip is that small modifications can make a design go from great to amazing. Consider customizing your favorite designs to find the perfect idea.

GraphicSprings: Why is it the best branding solution?

Our neon logo generator has been a market leader in do-it-yourself options. Based on your feedback, our application and template library have been continuously improved. The Neon Logo Designer was designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We don’t expect you to be a skilled graphic designer, and you don’t need to be. Your main focus should be to launch and grow your business or nonprofit. GraphicSprings designed a user-friendly, intuitive solution that anyone can utilize without knowledge of design principles. The proof is in all the details. You’ll be amazed at the design you create with our logo editor.

Do you offer a unique neon company emblem for your business?

Yes. We strongly encourage customization of your logo according to your needs and brand vision. It is much easier to edit than create. You can use our templates as a starting place. We have thousands of professionally created logo templates. They are sorted by industry. With our editor, any of our ideas can be customized to your specifications. After selecting a design, it’s loaded into our application. There are many options to make changes. You can modify the font type, size, and letter spacing as well as effects and layout. You can change colors, effects, location, and other aspects of the graphic. Our advanced editing technology will allow you to create a unique company logo. It is important to take your time when editing and make it uniquely yours.

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