Step-by-step Guide to Make Your LED Neon Sign Install a Cinch

Although LED neon signs can be enjoyable, they are also important tools to assist you in making use of the space you have, and also save you a significant amount of money. We’re a part hacker and part neon signs on how to. We’ll help you finish your DIY installation at your own expense. This guide will help make your space appear bigger regardless of whether it’s the hallway, living room, or bedroom. Follow our advice and tackle every task that hangs on your wall as the competent, confident neon sign-making handyman that you are. What’s the best thing about this? The most important thing is that it lets you meet new people and let go of all the boring.

Materials: Studfinder, level, pencil, and drill.

1. Location:

You can decide where and how high you want the neon sign to be placed in the space. If neon lights are placed on walls as artwork or pictures the ideal height is 57 inches off the surface. It is possible to use a level to ensure that the lighting is even.

2. Anchors

To give additional structure support, anchors for drywall can be utilized if needed. It will depend on the design of your customized LED neon signs. Attach the standoffs made of metal to your sign to accommodate any shape and back design. Before you screw the standoffs in put the LED sign board against the wall.

3. Drill

Then, make the pilot holes with your drill. Then, you can employ a drill to create the pilot holes.

4. Secure

Install the custom-designed neon lights in the space. Fix the sign’s hardware to its front surface by tightening the screws on its inner side using your fingers. Be aware of the amount of pressure needed to secure the sign to the wall.

5. Plug-and-play

The power cord must be connected to an outlet that is grounded. The power cord should be connected to the transformer for the neon sign. Check that the LED sign tubing is illuminated.

6. Finale

And you’re done. Sit down and enjoy the view and then relax.

Do you have any ideas for customized neon signs? We’d love to hear your suggestions on Instagram.

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