Why Neon Signs Are Gaining More Popularity

Neon signs are delightfully appealing to the eye. They add an energetic and bright look to any room. It’s not a surprise that neon signage made of custom materials is a raging trend on Instagram and Pinterest.

The neon light that once illuminated Las Vegas’ streets has returned. These signs became popular at the beginning of the 20th century, but they were diminished during the 1960s. The appeal of neon signs has increased dramatically and they now have a place in our homes.

The Development of Neon Signs

The neon sign has lit up some of the most famous structures in the world in the last twenty years, from science laboratory research to famous cities such as London and Las Vegas. The neon signs are found in bars, cafes, and even in homes. What happened to this trend?

The very first neon sign was made available in the United States of America, and it was an expensive product. It was a symbol for the less-reputable, shady areas of the 1970s and 1960s. But, as time passed it was transformed into a work of art, not just an indicator of their location. Nowadays, famous people as well as top architects and well-known businessmen utilize colorful neon signs that are custom-designed to make stunning artworks that can be utilized in many ways.

The Top Reasons Neon Signs are Growing in Popularity

There are a variety of reasons why neon signs are becoming more popular. Here are a few:

  • can be used as a luminous decor piece: Neon signs emit an ethereal feeling and recall memories from the past. The power of neon lights is in perfect harmony with the energy of 2021. People are enticed to remain in their homes, so they play around with the interior design and incorporate vibrant colors in their homes. Neon signs are the most effective! It’s a simple method to make your home look and feel as if you’re in the middle of a bar. Neon signs are an excellent option to give a new bright and vibrant appearance to your home. They can be utilized in retro-themed spaces to give an atmosphere that is retro or can be placed around your home for an ambiance of relaxation. They are great décor pieces to create a 70s-themed home style that is nostalgic of the disco time.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient: Are you concerned about your electricity bill? Are you thinking of installing neon signs? It’s not true. The neon light bulbs that are used to illuminate neon signs are much more efficient and economical than simple light bulbs. It’s amazing to know that neon lights require less than half of the power required to light. Signs made of neon are an excellent alternative to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Bars and restaurants can be illuminated here were the days when people believed that neon signs only could be used to promote outdoor events. Nowadays neon signs are typically located outside of bars and restaurant establishments. Bars and restaurants have explored neon signs for a while. They’re no longer used only to attract customers however, it’s also being used as art in a variety of eateries and cafes. To create a quirky and fun look, some have them in the bathrooms.
  • The ideal advertising solution: Neon signs have been part of business for more than 100 years. They’re inexpensive and create a fantastic first impression. A variety of vibrant custom neon signs are visible everywhere in the town. They draw customers in and boost brand recognition in public spaces. They are an ideal advertising solution for brands with high-end products.
  • Long-lasting: As mentioned earlier neon signs are highly efficient in energy use. Additionally, they have a greater life duration. The typical lifespan of neon signs is 10 years. Each component can be easily replaced or repaired. The lifespan of neon signs is as long as 20 years when they are well maintained. It’s a fact that neon signs are more efficient in terms of cost and require less maintenance.
  • The life Of The Party: Neon is an element that is a good idea to use as a stand-alone theme however it also can help your music. The act of putting a neon sign in an area can change the appearance of the entire area. It gives off a warm, inviting vibe that creates an atmosphere of relaxation. It is able to transform any space which is dull into an area for parties.
  • For Any Event: You can make use of neon signs for any event and are ideal for outdoor occasions. It is possible to transform any event by using it such as bachelorette parties and weddings to charity dinners, businesses, and drinks. It is likely that your guests will be enthralled with neon-colored signs.

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It’s fun to design customized signs. They can add color and luster to any space, based on the area. Custom neon signs can be utilized to decorate your home or office and can be a fantastic option to make a striking statement.

It is possible to combine neon signs and other themes or colors to create unique displays regardless of how you utilize the signs. It is possible to use neon signs to complement your decor, regardless of whether you want a classic appearance or a more contemporary and unique one. GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS is able to make a custom neon sign for your specific project. If you are ready to start planning your own neon design, call GetCUSTOMNEONSIGNS now.

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