12 Benefits of Using LED Neon’s in Signage

Light advertising, also known as neon signs, has been proven to be an efficient method of raising awareness of a product or service. This type of advertisement has been in use for more than 100 years. The latest advances in technology for illuminated advertising have allowed it to make major technological advancements. The most recent innovation in this field is LED signage. This article will cover 12 reasons that LED neon lights are superior to traditional glass neon lighting.

A longer lifespan

LED neons last longer than conventional neon light bulbs. The typical life span of LED lights is approximately 50000 hours. LED neon signs may have to be replaced each year for 34 years if you divide the hours by the amount of time they are in use. This is a benefit over traditional glass signage. It is recommended to check the packaging to determine the precise life expectancy.

Low energy

The current LED lamps have a luminous efficiency of 100-100 Lm/W (lumens/watt). High-power LEDs can generate more than 300 lumens per watt, whereas Halogen lamps can only produce 12 lm/W.

The LED technology’s high efficiency ensures that the energy consumed is 6-8 times lower than glass signs. This can significantly lower the cost of electricity.

No burning

Due to their efficiency, LED signs generate considerably less heat than glass. Avoid touching glass since it could get hot. LED neons, however, are just barely warm. There is a low chance of burning.

High Impact Resistance

Glass lighting systems are susceptible to shocks. Furthermore LED signs are resistant to vibrations and can endure severe temperatures. They also have water resistance. It is based on the style of the sign. This is a benefit when neon signs are located on the outside.

LED signage is simple to operate and has no time delay

LED signs are extremely bright and last for a long time.


The striking brightness of LEDs is what sets LEDs apart from other types of signs. The technology creates an extremely bright and brilliant illumination. This allows you to spot signs from a distance. Because of their luminosity, they are noticeable. They’re not just brilliant. There are still LEDs in the sun. Therefore, it is easy to spot the LED sign-writing logo or writing, no matter the time of day.

LED signs are characterized by an appealing appearance, and are an effective way to wow customers

Signs made of fluorescent light can be difficult to keep up with. The neon signs may create the illusion that there’s always lighting on, even when it’s not the case. Sometimes, the lights appear dimmer than other lights. This could leave a negative impression on the sign as well as on your company. Your brand’s logo and message could appear hard to read. This issue can be solved by the use of LED lights. The latest technology ensures that LED neon signs are more consistent and brighter.

Extraordinary Color

There are a variety of choices when it comes to selecting LED lights. LED lights aren’t just ideal for commercial use however, they can also be used to create beautiful lighting for shows, events, lighting, wedding lighting, and many other purposes. There is no need for foils or paints to create any lighting mood using LEDs.

LED signposts are environmentally friendly

LED signs use 20 percent less energy than traditional signs. That means LED lights are more efficient in energy use and less damaging to the environment. Additionally, the cost of lighting is substantially decreased. Fluorescent lamps release toxic gases such as mercury and Argon. Lights from fluorescent bulbs can be difficult to recycle properly.LED neon signs can help to address this issue.

Furthermore, LED neon signs emit less heat than lighting systems of other types. The rooms won’t get hot if you have LED signs located inside the building.

Low maintenance

It’s easy to understand why LEDs require less maintenance when you think about the LEDs’ longevity, effectiveness, and brightness. LEDs are not contaminated by gases and glass tubes that could break or leak. Furthermore LED signs are less difficult to wash as opposed to hot tubes. LEDs can be used both indoors and outdoors. They do not need protection from the weather when they’re outside. It is also possible to purchase outdoor LED signs that are waterproof if you reside in a humid or hot area. The greatest benefit of LED signs is their easy installation.

Signs with thinner edges

Since LED signs don’t contain tubes, they could be smaller than neon signs.

  • Did you know: A standard neon sign can be between 3 and 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) thick? Compare that with the LED neon signs, which are only 1 inch (2.54cm) thick.

Shipping costs are less expensive and installation is much easier and carbon emissions are less in smaller dimensions.

Flexible Signage Options

LEDs can be utilized in many ways, such as to replace neon signs. With LEDs, you are able to make almost everything. Since you don’t require tubes anymore, every light can be programmed separately. This alone can result in stunning animations and color shifts. It is possible to create a logo that is unique to match your company’s. Potential customers will be able to see you and your company. People will be aware of you and they will create a positive impression. Your clients will be engaged by your message through LEDs

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