A Comprehensive Look at the Lifespan of Neon Signs and How to Extend It

Businesses looking for an innovative method to advertise their products and services are drawn by neon signs. How long can a neon sign last? And what type of maintenance are they required? To learn more, read Orant Neon’s post below!

1. How long do you want to leave the neon sign?

LED Neon signs are very well-liked because of their vibrant colors and striking designs. They’re often used to advertise businesses and to draw people’s attention to events. But how long can you put a neon sign on? For more information on how long a neon sign last, read on!

1.1 Led signs

LED neon signs have a 50,000-hour continuous usage rating. The reason for failure is usually due to the transformer or circuit board. If the warranty is expired, a cost-effective replacement is available. Contrary to Glass Neon, LEDs cannot be replaced after they have passed the point of no return in their useful life.

1.2 Glass neon

Glass neon signs can be used for 75,000 hours. They can however be recharged after they have fulfilled their function (filled with new Neon gas). This means that your Glass Neon sign can last for many years with proper maintenance. Due to this, Glass neon signs are more costly than LED signs.

2. The longevity of neon signs is affected by several factors

There are many aspects that affect the longevity of a neon light, like the quality of materials used, the sign’s installation, and the conditions in which it is operated. In this article, we will examine how each one of these variables can affect the longevity of the neon sign in the following article.

2.1 Transformer Life

The lifespan of your transformer for neon signs will last between 8 and 15 years. How often and how effectively you use your neon sign transformer can impact the longevity of the sign. If a sign is set in a dark, indoor space and away from the sunlight the sign will last longer than if placed always out in the sun.

The lifespan of a neon sign is dependent on the transformer it uses.

When they are used outdoors and exposed to the sun Transformers are susceptible to damage and won’t last for as long as signs that are indoors.

2.2 Function

An LED neon sign which is exposed to the wrong power source is susceptible to being damaged quickly. A neon sign that flashes can decrease their life span.

2.3 Tube Live

Glass tubes emitting neon light typically last between 8 to 15 years. If the conditions are right and the signs are properly maintained you could get your money’s value. The signs used to apply the coatings may impact their longevity. They could last for up to ten years.

2.4 Power Supply

The time the sign remains up is also affected by issues with the power supply being unstable. It is important to inform the installer about this prior to installing the sign. The sign is of top quality if it’s made by a reputable neon sign maker.

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3. How can you prolong the life span of neon light bulbs?

There are several easy ways to extend the life of your neon sign.

  • It is advised to switch the sign-off once it has been used for more than 24hrs. This will allow the light bulb as well as the transformer (for LED signs) to stop being used for too long.
  • You can dim neon lights for a short time (if they are able to do so).
  • Make sure signs are clean by vacuuming them frequently. Dirt can cause signs to tarnish when they aren’t properly cleaned.
  • It is crucial to disconnect neon signs daily, as it will result in more wear and wear and tear.
  • Maintenance of neon signs must be carried out frequently.
  • Our aim is to provide top-quality products at the best possible price.
  • A 24-month guarantee is available on all outdoor and indoor signs to cover any flaws.
  • Orant Neon’s neon-flex technology is more modern and durable than the traditional glass neon.
  • The LED neon signs are powered by LEDs. They are economical and long-lasting because of their long duration of life and minimal energy consumption.
  • Orant Neon uses heat-free light tubes without broken or damaged glass to make our custom neon signs.

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