The Colorful Past: An Illuminating Journey into Neon Sign History

Since the 1960s neon signs have become an extremely popular method of marketing and advertising for businesses. Neon is utilized as a sign and advertising method mainly due to its aesthetic appeal, however, it is also inexpensive and is suitable for various purposes.

Neon signs can have the biggest impact on your business starting with the basic “Open” display at the entrance of your store to the flashing lights of Las Vegas.

The history of neon signs

The history of custom neon signs begins before neon was even discovered. In 1855, German physicist and glassblower Heinrich Geissler began experimenting with a tube containing a rarefied gas. The tube was filled with gas and was subjected to low pressure. A voltage of electricity was applied. The gas started to light up. This discovery would open the way for the neon signs we recognize in the present.

In 1898, British scientists William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers would first be the first to discover neon gas after seeing a red glow in the Geissler Tubes. However, Georges Claude, a French engineer, would not introduce neon signs to America until 1923.

Neon lighting quickly became a favored fixture in outdoor advertising. The bright neon light’s attention-grabbing glow quickly spread throughout the United States. The neon lights illuminated America’s roads and restaurants utilized them almost exclusively. Because of its popularity custom neon signs are now more affordable and accessible for small businesses across America.

Major markets such as New York City and Las Vegas utilized the latest technology and illuminated their busy streets with glowing neon signs. Neon’s high-visibility factor made it very popular for advertisers looking for an affordable medium that caught the eye of everyone who laid eyes on it.

Advantages of neon signs

  • High Visibility Neon signs are perfect for brand-new or small businesses that require their signage to stand out above other signs
  • Light up your Night – A custom neon sign is accessible all day long. It’s great for companies that provide late-night take-out food or other nightlife options.
  • Saves Energy – Neon lights are extremely energy efficient. Neon lights can help save up to 60 percent of energy when compared to conventional lighting.
  • Long-lasting – Neon signs that are properly constructed have a long shelf life. A neon sign can last between ten and twelve years.
  • Can Be Used Anywhere – If you have the right marketing strategy Neon signs can be utilized anywhere in your place of business, as they are perfectly safe to be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.

What is the reason for Bartush?

The high-visibility aspect of neon has made it extremely popular, it’s challenging to work with and many business owners struggle with finding a supplier with the skills and experience needed to meet their high standards. Bartush is the neon expert.

Bartush is one the few sign makers left in the region who produces the premium neon signs your business needs. Bartush has been operating for more than 75 years and our skilled craftsmen are familiar with the use of custom neon signs. We offer a complete service. Bartush can help you with any design requirements. Once we and you have designed your idea, we install your sign to make sure that our custom neon signs stand up and perform.

Contact us today if you are interested in brightening up your business by putting up neon signs. We’re happy to help you.

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