Glowing Placement: Expert Tips for Hanging Your LED Neon Sign

The location you hang your neon sign is just as important as the choice of the sign. If you do not plan where you will hang your neon sign you’re not going to get the most result. It’s not easy to decide where to hang the neon sign. How do you determine the ideal location to hang a neon sign?

At Echo Neon, we have assisted thousands of people and businesses install their neon signs. As such, we are aware of the best locations to place signs with neon. Let us assist you.

Where to hang Bedroom Neon LED Signs

The bedroom neon signs can assist you in designing your dream bedroom.

Here are the most suitable places to hang a neon sign in your bedroom

  • Above the bed, You can put up a neon sign above the bed just like the bedroom neon sign with the cursive font and glowing pink. The neon sign is the first thing you will see when entering the room.
  • Next to the entertainment unit, There is no need to be concerned about neon signs generating noise or heat.

Where To Hang Room LED Neon Signs Room Neon LED Signs

Our neon signs for living rooms are sure to complement your home decor and brighten your home.

Here are the most suitable places to hang neon signs in your living space:

  • by entertainment unit. The beautiful designs and cursive fonts of our neon signs will assist you to decorate your entertainment system in the most appealing way. The movie-night popcorn neon sign is able to be displayed above your TV.
  • Above the fireplace – Your living room neon sign can be placed above the fireplace, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. You can choose to go with shades of orange or red to enhance and complement the fireplace.
  • In your wall decor or artIf you have a wall decor or art collection in your living room or bedroom, you could place a neon sign next to it for an eye-catching effect.
  • Over the sofa, The Living Room neon signs could be placed on the wall in front of your sofa. This will provide you with stunning backdrops for photos and videos.
  • The shelfIf you have an antique bookcase, trophy cabinet, or photo shelf in your living area You can dress it up by placing the neon sign in front of it.

Where to Hang Your Party Neon LED Signs

A party neon sign which is placed correctly will make a huge impact at your next event. Here are the top locations to put up a neon sign at your next event:

  • Roof – A neon sign hanging from the roof is an excellent way to raise it. It will keep the celebration going on for the entire night.
  • A DJ stand be used to show a neon sign to the occasion. This Let’s Party neon sign will be great on top of the DJ stand.
  • Photo boothYou can offer your guests cool lighting effects for their photos and videos by hanging a neon sign in the photo booth.
  • Entrance Hang the neon party signage near the entrance of your party. It’s the best location to get your guests into the mood for a party before entering the party.

Where to put Home Bar LED Signs

Bars are a great place to relax and drink your favorite beverages. Our bar neon signs can create a perfect setting for you to enjoy your drinks: Here are the best places to hang a home neon bar sign that is LED:

  • Wine rack Make the perfect lighting for your wine rack using neon bar signs. When it is turned on, the glow from the neon sign will reflect off the wine bottles, giving you a stunning setting to enjoy a glass of your favorite drink.
  • Fridge – The neon sign could also be on the fridge or near it to brighten the bar.
  • On the wall, you could hang your neon sign on the wall of your bar.
  • Outside the bar – If you own an establishment that serves alcohol, you can hang a neon sign in front of your establishment to draw customers.

Where to Display Neon Restaurant Signs

Do you want to increase your restaurant’s customer base or increase the aesthetics of your restaurant? Our restaurant neon signs can assist you. Here are the top spots to place a restaurant neon sign:

  • In the menu, Neon signs look great on the menu board in your restaurant.
  • Entry or Outside: To attract customers, place your neon sign in outside of your restaurant. This is an excellent way to improve customer awareness.
  • In the dining area: You can hang your neon sign up on the wall in the dining room to brighten the area and create the perfect atmosphere to have a good time while eating.
  • In the Kitchen: You can also utilize neon signs from restaurants to decorate the kitchen.

Where to Install Christmas Neon Lights

Christmas is a time to relax and unwind with family and friends and nothing conveys the Christmas spirit better than our Christmas-themed neon lights.

These are the best spots to hang the Christmas neon light

  • On the Xmas tree Then, hang our Christmas tree neon sign on your Christmas tree to create the ideal Xmas decoration.
  • Open presents Have your family open presents with a Xmas neon sign.
  • Outside You can put up your Xmas neon sign outdoors or at the entryway of your house to spread the Christmas cheer.
  • The family photo: Xmas neon signs make cool lighting for your family photos.

Where to Display Wedding LED Neon Signs

neon sign will make your wedding more memorable. The best places to hang the wedding neon signs.

  • On the roof Your wedding neon signs on the roof of the venue you are planning to get married in, create the ambiance for your guests. Imagine your first dance taking place under the neon sign.
  • Reception Then elevate your wedding reception with the warm light of a wedding neon sign.
  • Photo booth Include a neon sign in your photo booth to create wonderful memories.
  • Entrance The idea is to hang neon signs near the entrance of your wedding venue. This “Just Married” wedding neon sign can be a stunning decoration item at the entrance to your venue.
  • Behind the couple – Hang your neon sign and attract attention to newlyweds.

Things to Look For Before Hanging a Neon Sign

Here’s a list of things to consider before hanging a LED neon sign:

1. The Background

One of the primary things to think about prior to hanging neon signs is the background. Your neon sign won’t shine if the background is bright and vibrant.

It should be strong enough to permit the LED neon sign to be installed and weighted down. For the sign to be hung, you will require drilling holes in the background. If the background is weak it could be able to give way and cause damage during or after installation.

Plain, flat backgrounds are ideal for LED neon signs. Consider concrete surfaces, brick walls, and wooden surfaces.

2. The View

You must be sure that the neon sign can be seen by the place you intend to put it up without obstruction. It’s not a good location where people can’t see the neon LED sign. The most ideal places are bright and high enough for everyone to see.

3. Power Supply

The place you put your neon sign should be close to the power source or socket. Our neon signs are fitted with a cord, so the position of your neon sign shouldn’t be further than the nearest power source. It is also important to consider the power output and adapter for the neon sign.

4. Stay Away from Water Leaks

The area where you place the neon light must be free of water leaks and other dangers. Leaks in roofs and walls are also a problem. Make sure you request the splash-proof feature in the event that your neon sign is susceptible to water damage.

Final Words

The positioning and location of your neon signs are crucial. Your neon sign must be seen from the outside and should be sturdy enough to hang in a prominent spot. This will allow it to enhance your property and also draw customers. If you’ll need help or have any special requirements for how for hanging your LED neon sign, please contact our customer service. We’re always available to take care of all your neon sign needs.

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